Prototyping with Graphs


Before we start a process of prototyping the location in 3D, ussualy using tools from chosen engine it’s good to illustrate our idea with graphs. Of course, it’s possible to draw only a simple scheme on paper (what I personally practice) but that way we might miss mistakes we would find by making graphs. Why? Because graphs give us a specific pattern with which we have a detailed overview on our project. It is because we include all the events which have to happen during the gameplay. It allows us to check if everything works fine like moving through locations and playing certain events. 

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Glides and path-blockers



In this post, I want to share with you an old and simple but useful trick. Originally it was described by a person responsible for a “Counter-Strike” level design.

Sometimes we face a situation when we move along the wall to prevent being noticed by the person that walks through the door ahead. Suddenly… boom! We stop on the side of the 3D model of the door because it blocks the continuity of our movements. To proceed further, we must move sideways what irritates us and other players that experience similar situations.

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