Graphics Implosion


These days, everybody knows how advanced game graphics has become. Especially in such productions like “Battlefield 4” or “Crysis 3“.  However, one moment, evolution in gaming reached a point when people stopped (finally!) pay attention to graphics’ quality. Why so many people started to interest in projects based on pixel art?

Before we go on and answer this question, I would like to explain what is “pixel art” and how it looks.  Pixel art is a way of making a picture with single pixels. This style of art is derived from old games, developed on first personal computers or Atari and Commodore console. That’s why quality of graphics (apart from the fact that it goes with nice effects or more extended mechanics of games) leave much to be desired.

Good quality, advenced Pixel Art

A game created by Phil Fish, “Fez“, is a good example where graphics is stylized as Pixel Art, despite using three-dimensional world. An interesting anecdote heard in “Indie Games: The Movie”:  Phil admitted to the fact that he made visual side of his game three times, each time with larger knowledge about making pixel art. It’s worth to add that it took four years to finish “Fez”.

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