Glides and path-blockers



In this post, I want to share with you an old and simple but useful trick. Originally it was described by a person responsible for a “Counter-Strike” level design.

Sometimes we face a situation when we move along the wall to prevent being noticed by the person that walks through the door ahead. Suddenly… boom! We stop on the side of the 3D model of the door because it blocks the continuity of our movements. To proceed further, we must move sideways what irritates us and other players that experience similar situations.


We only need to add some “Glides” which allow the player to pass these obstacles smoothly. Adding  two transparent blocks (e.g. “Block_Volume” in UDK) connects borders of the door and the wall.

This issue is presented in the following pictures:

First situation: the player is blocked by protruded entrance. Of course, this entrance can be shifted by some milimeters in relation to the wall – in this case, angle of glides will be smaller. We can also cut corners and make the door inside the doorway.

1) Frustrated player

2) Entrance to the building


Second situation: the player is moving smoothly, directly to his target, without any blockades or being stuck.

1) A happy player

2) Entrance to the building

3) Glides


These days, it is less useful because the entrance is usually very accurate 3d model where you know that an edge is an edge. But who knows, maybe someday you will need to use this kind of trick sometime? :)


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